JT Norton performing at the opening party for Solace.

JT Norton is a Brooklyn based musician, composer, and sound designer. He primarily works in a world of synthesizers and drum machines where he produces electronic music and significant con-ed bills. He was the former lead singer of Young Heel, and is currently working on his newest 4-piece project called, Lambs.  This year, two of his scores premiered in the Sundance Film festival and he is currently scoring a play that will run this summer. 

“Solace” exhibition when the very talented Kiera Bono and Angelina Marriott performed. Bono and Marriott have been collaborating on improvisational structures and choreographic processes since 2010. In the summer of 2014, they started an ongoing project with Laura Farrell called “pillow dances,” which aims to create space for collective survival through mental/physical illness, the effects of capitalist labor on our bodies and minds, and our varying distances from family and heritage. One of their main goals with this piece is to make dance that feels like cooking or companion planting. It is a living document and an invitation for everyone to cultivate their on “pillow dances” on a regular basis.